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 Limited Edition Prints

From the Original Oil Paintings

of Reed A Prescott III

"Twin Maple Farm"

16x20                              $100

"Reservations For Two"

Image size 22 x 27 1/2                  $100

Limited Edition Print from one of my original  oil paintings from

 the Basin Harbor Club. Was part of the Reflections of Basin Harbor

 Art Show in 1997 where the owners of the Club purchased it. The

original now hangs behind their reservation counter. This large

print is hand signed and numbered with an edition size

of 975 prints. When you think about how important it is

for couples to spend time together this image reminds us of that

and makes this the perfect wedding gift


Image size-18 x 27                       $100

This painting is the most recognized view from the

Basin Harbor Club. painted in 1999 as a commision,

this is the view from the back deck of the main lodge. The

relaxation is captured in the four empty chairs begining

 the viewer to have a seat. The guests at the resort are very

familiar with this view of the harbor as there is

seldom a time that these chairs are empty.

"Cottage Garden"

Image size 8 x 10                       $50

This painting os the Wilderneath Cottage at Basin Harbor

is a location of some of the most impressive flower beds

on the planet.

"Waiting For Winter"

Image size 9 1/2 x 23             $90 

One of two originals that is owned by the woman who was

the inspiration for the Gidget movies from the early 60's.

This image was used for the cover of the Vermont Law School's

Summer guide in 1999. What caught my eye was the diversity

of this spot. Farmers field with modern house in background, lake

and mountains, Vermont and New York. Edition size

525 hand signed and numbered prints. Image size 9 x 24 inches.


Perfect Morning

 Image size 20 x 20                         $90

 This is what I see when I look out my living room window in June.

The house currently owned by Jeremy Perfect whose sister gave me

private art lessons when I was a senior in High School. It was

painted from real life during the drought of 1995. I would

start each day painting the grass then would work up into the

painting. Each day I would start by looking at the grass and

adjusting tthe colors before moving up into other parts of the painting.

After a week of adjusting the grass I thought about it. The

painting wasn't off it was the drought turning the grass brown.

Large print with an image size of 20 x 20 inches with an

edition size of 525 hand signed and numbered prints.


The Road Home

Image size 14 x 18            $75 

This image shows the town I live in; Lincoln,Vermont.

The Lincoln General Store foreground left, is owned by

my niece and our house is the second one past the store

on the left. The original was painted in Late September of

 1995. It was a very fun painting to do because at the time

Prisilla Prestly and a film crew was filming a commercial for

"Indian Summer" perfume in town. They were camped right

across the river from this spot. When the news hit the

papers there was no end to the traffic in this usually

 small Vermont hamlet.

"Farm House View"

Image size  15 1/2 x 19 1/2           $90 

This is the house my wife grew up in. When I started this

 painting, back in 1995, I told my mother-in-law I was doing a

painting of her house. "Who is going to buy a painting of my

house?" was her response. I had only spent a couple of hours

on it and had it in my studio when we opened the gallery.

A customer came and asked "How much is this one, when

it is finished?" I told him and he said "Consider it sold" Then

I had to call my mother-in-law and tell her I sold the painting

of her house- for more than they originally paid for

the house, barn, and 200 acres of land- back in 1945.

"Christmas in the Center"

Image size 14 x 22 1/2                 $90 

I painted this scene in 2000 to commemorate the large

blue spruce which was cut down shortly after this painting

 was completed. Due to the dry conditions of the soil the tree

contracted a disease which defoliated its branches. The tree

was planted in the 1950's and survived a fire that razed the

church that originally stood in this spot. The town had a

"spare church" due to the population decline of the town

after the mills started to close in the early 1900's. They put the

church in this painting on the back of a truck and drove it to

this spot where it sits today. In the left foreground of this painting

 you see the town triangle- just in front of the lighted display-

where I painted the painting "The Road Home" from in 1995. This

was painted from the step of the Lincoln General Store that you

see in that painting. If you are familiar with the work of writer

 Chris Bojhalian, author of "Midwives" a 1998 Oprah pick,

the yellow house is his and his wife, famous photographer, Victoria Blewer.

In a number of Chris's books he will refer to

a charactor living in the Yellow house next to the church.



BRAND NEW- Fine Art reproductions on Canvas

Stepping into the present with state of the art digital technology.

Developed from the Iris Proof method for color matching in

 the printing industry, your reproduction has been refined

with light and color fast pigmented inks rated to last 

over 100 years. They can be easily printed on canvas or paper.

"Vergennes Falls" 

 15"x24" Fine Art reproduction on canvas  edition of 100 prints 

$500 framed                   $450 unframed

"Colors of Lake Champlain at Basin Harbor"

Fine Art Reproduction on canvas

Image size   10 x 16    edition size 50    $325 unframed

This image represents the United States in the CFM corporate calendar

where the combination of General Electric's and Semca Frane's jet airplane

 devisions select one artist from each country for theirm calendar

"The Road Less Traveled"

Giclee reproduction on canvas

12 x 16       Edition 50        $400 unframed

"Marsh Breeze"

20x24        Edition of 50          $550 unframed

 painted in East Brewster, Ma. on Cape Cod this

 coastal marsh is one of my favorite spots on the cape.

Nature walks with Ron Rood, journal sketching, several

 illustrations for the book "Beachcombers All" done at this marsh.

"Stay Awhile"

20 x 24      Edition size 50        $550 unframed

In this painting the capture of a warm August day

will warm you up year round. The invatation of a place to rest

 with the two chairs in the foreground visually relaxes the viewer.

"Harbor View"

20 x 24      Edition of 50     $550 unframed


Open Edition Prints

From the artwork

of Reed A Prescott III

District #2

This image of a one room school house in Lincoln Vermont,

 was used as a Calendar and Magazine cover for

the University of Vermont. One of seven old school houses

 in Lincoln Vermont.

A Balanced Place

Painted in 1994 for the National Watchable Wildlife Conference

 poster. There is text on the poster, but is easily matted over for

 framing- if you choose to. One of my most popular wildlife images.

This scene includes habitat and numerous plant, animal, and

 bird species found in the Northeastern United States.


Miniature Prints-

Image size around 5 x 7

matted with antique white matt board and shrink wrapped. Each image

is hand signed and matted to fit into an 8 x 10 frame.Click Here to

choose your image- remember the title or name of the image,

then return here. click on the image above to be transfered to the

"To Order' section of this website.


Duck Stamp Prints

"Bluebills at Button Bay"

 Image size 6 x 9-

Print with a mint and artist signed stamp $135

 This was my second winning Vermont Duck Stamp entry.

 The Lesser Scaup you see here are flying over Button Bay.

A Lake Champlain bay known for its unique currents and rock

comosition that create these small rocks that closely resemble

little buttons. The island in fornt of the hen's wing is the spot

 where I saw my first mature bald eagles. The New york side of

 the lake is in the background- looking toward West Port.

1994 Vermont Duck Stamp Print

 "Dead Creek Fly By"

Image size 4 x 7-

Print with mint and artist signed stamps $110



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