Original Oil Paintings

by Reed A Prescott III

Below you will find original oil paintings by Reed A Prescott II

that are currently available. We realize it is hard to purchase original art sight unseen,

so to make arrangements to see the original, call (802)453-7541


                    "Looking Down East Street"               "Holcroft House"

                    oil on canvas  24 x 36  $5000                  Oil on Canvas  24x30 $4500   


                       "Grazing at Twilight"                "Main Lodge"                                

                   oil on canvas   24 x 30  $4500                Oil on Canvas  24x30  $4500


                         "Lake George Cruise"               "Sumner Meadow"

oil on canvas 24 x 30   $4500         oil on canvas 28 x 42  $5000


                              "Tides In"                 "Morning at Vergennes Falls"

                      oil on canvas  24 x 36   $5000          Oil on Canvas  12x24   $2500


                       "Time on the Beach"                  "Adirondack Retreat"

Oil on Canvas   16x20   $2500            Oil on Canvas    24 x 36    $4500


                   "Harwich Cottage Cape Cod"         "Sunrise in the Center" 

                             Oil on Canvas   24 x 30    $4500        Oil on Canvas   26 x 34   $7500


                        "View fron the Harbor"                 "Pleasant Hill"

                             Oil on Canvas 24 x 30  $4000              Oil on canvas 24 x 30     $4000   


                       "East Dennis Marsh"                  "The Homestead"

                      Oil on Canvas  24 x 30   $4500            Oil on Canvas   24 x 30     $4500


                  "Time Out at Basin Harbor"                 "The Birches" 

                   Oil on Canvas  24 x 30  $4500               Oil on Canvas  24 x 30    $4500


               "Lake Champlain at Basin Harbor"    "Grande Finaly at Basin Harbor" 

                   Oil on Canvas  30 x 48  $12,500            Oil on Canvas  26 x 38 $5000

"Wood Rose"

Oil on Canvas    12 x 16         $1400

                  A view of Mount Abraham, just a short drive from my house

 and gallery. One of many century old barns that were once a

mainstay of this mountain towns ecomomy. Now falling to

 extinction through wear and tear mixed with some developement.

This stirs in my memeories the many years spent on a farm

owned by my Grandfather.


"Elmer Crowell Whistler"

Oil on Board      9 x 12        $900   

This piece was my entry in the 1995 Massachusetts Duck Stamp

competition. It is oil on board and painted down to the finest detail.

You can see everything from the knot in the wood on the side of the

decoy to shot marks from its actual use during hunting seasons years

ago. A wonderful decoy, which is part of the Peabody Essex collection

in Salem Ma., Crowell's decoys have commanded record prices at

auction with one decoy going for over $500,000. 

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